9 Free Apps That Makes You Money for Doing Almost Nothing

Today, many people want to extra cash simply by using their mobile phones. They do not have to work in those big offices. You can watch your favorite TV station while making money at the same time. Check out these top 12 mobile apps that helping in earning those extra bucks by doing just nothing.


1. Share Amazon purchases

Many people do not want to waste time travelling over long distances to purchase goods. Amazon or any other website asks you a few simple questions and allows you earn cash. If you are a U.S residence and 21 years of age, download a shop Tracker app and use it to share these.

2. Go-on-Secret-Missions app

Everyone has ever gone for a secret mission at least once or twice. You can imagine of being paid while you do this simple task.

QuickThoughts is the app of choice for this. It simply turns your mobile phone into a secret eye while allowing you earn cash.

3. Search-on-the web app

One of the sure apps to employ and get money is InboxDollars. Ask those who have had experience with it and they will tell you that this app gives you cash rewards for employing their online search engine services. It is easy; you get one cent for every five things searched and an extra cent for the next two.

4. Start investing

There are many ways to invest your money other than a bank account. By simply sitting on your couch, you can download an app that allows get the first free money once you start making the investments.

5. Put your old electronics on market

People always have old electronics in their houses but have never had a thought of putting them on sale. Maybe earning a few dollars can help you put a positive thought on this. It does not matter how old they look. Someone else may have great interest in them. All you need is to download an app that allows you sell these.

6. Get paid for answering some Trivia questions

Have you been skimming through various subjects such as music, history and Geography among others? If you understood the information, then you can make money by answering some basic questions throughQuizXT app.

7. Food delivery app

Do you have the necessary requisites such as 19 years of age and strong enough to lift heavy weights? If you just nodded, then you are the best candidate to start earning through utilizing the UberEats app. It allows you get paid each time you deliver food either via a car, bicycle or any other means.

8. Visit and shop from marketing stores

Each time you visit and buy goods from a marketing store, there is an app that helps you get gift cards for the same. You can try ShopKick app.

9.Earn from simple surveys

Are you looking for a reliable and top ranking survey app? You can try Swag bucks. A large number of people who are interested in simple online surveys use it on a regular basis.