Make $18 Dollars an Hour Teaching English Without Leaving Home

Do you have a passion for teaching but can’t seem to find a teaching job in your area? No worries, as now you can teach English right from the comfort of your home with an online service known as VIPKID!

VIPKID is a company located in China which allows you to teach the English language to Chinese kids through the use of the internet and a video camera. While enlightening the minds of tomorrow, you can make up to $18-22 dollars an hour, all without leaving your living room.

If you want to teach English with the use of VIPKID, then read on, as we discuss everything you need to know to get started with the service.

Requirements for Application

To get started as a teacher for VIPKID, you will first need an education yourself (namely, a bachelor’s degree from an eligible country, such as the United States). Before teaching, you will also need a few materials, such as headphones, a camera, a reliable internet connection, and tools to aid in the teaching process (such as toys and flash cards).


The Application and Hiring Process

Once you have everything you need, you will then have to fill out the short application form on the VIPKID website. After applying, you will hopefully be asked to set up a 30 minute webcam interview with a VIPKID representative where you will be asked some questions about your qualifications.

After the interview, you will then be asked to participate in a 10 minute teaching demo, in which you are asked to teach a mock using set guidelines that are accompanied with some slides.

Once you have completed the demo, you will then be asked to review information about the VIPKID service. Make sure you pay attention, as you will be required to take a test on everything you learned immediately afterward.


Make sure that you give it your all during the mock class, clearly enunciating everything and showing an abundance of energy. Do all this and pass your VIPKID exam, and you will be ready to make money teaching English at home!