These Companies Will Pay You to Watch Movies Previews

It may seem unusual especially to the rookies but the truth is, you can earn money while sitting on your couch. Doing what?

The firms pay you for watching some previews of certain movies. Is this not a cool thing? Certainly, everyone would want to get an extra coin and make more than $3000 within one month.

All that is required is total commitment to the task! Are you ready? Here is how.


1. Put approximately $225 in your pocket per month

Most people waste time watching movies but they get nothing in return. However, there is a secret you need to know; earning as you watch. You do not necessarily have to worry how this comes about.

Most people already have knowledge about InboxDollars. This is an app which is well-matched to most mobile phones. Is your phone Android or IOS? By nodding, it means you are ready to join those getting richer.

You simply have to sit back and watch various videos such as celebrity videos, and a wide range of movie previews. Here, you will be given a specific playlist and be expected to watch all the videos.

This is not a mind-numbing task since you will only spend up to thirty minutes. As you do this, your bucks are added up. Moreover, Swagbucks allows you get $5 for simply becoming one of their members.


2. Try the “In-Theatre Checks

Are you a fun of movie premieres? Okay, you just got yourself a chance to up to $30 for attending just one of this in a day. You need this money and can get even more if you make frequent visits to the theater.

Despite earning cash, you will also get entertained and therefore, no boredom dominates. If you want to be among the audience, then you have to submit your details so that you can be given a ticket.

A playlist to be projected on the screen is usually released on time for people to familiarize with it. Another crucial thing to note is that objective data is also taken from the third party individuals.

Sign up for In-Theatre Checks


3. How do you send your application?

The fact that you are interested in doing these tasks means that you also have to learn how to apply.

An important requisite is filling an application sheet for the Certified Field Associates. Are you in U.S or Canada? If yes, then you qualify to fill this form. Once you complete this, you will have to monitor their website for those selected. They usually post those individuals who have been selected to attend and watch a theater movie.

Some companies ask you to pay some money before you start earning. Joining fee is never a requisite and therefore those requesting it are not eligible. It is important to know whom to trust so that you do not get regrets at the end. Even though you will not make a huge some within a day, the free money you will eventually earn once the show is over can help you budget things you may be lacking.